18 Must-Have Accessories to For Your Senior Doggo

Father time catches up with us all. Be we homo-sapiens or canine. With age comes new challenges, new experiences, but also new obstacles to overcome. Aching bones, creaking joints, and trouble peeing, all the standard afflictions that plague humans also affect our doggos. So as you might have to start walking with a cane as a human as you get into your twilight years, doggos sometimes need a bit of assistance too. These helpful products will ensure your doggo’s advancing years are as enjoyable as possible.

#1  Dinovite Nutritional Supplements


These can be sprinkled onto your doggo’s food to help them get all the amino and fatty acids they need as an aging dog. They also contain zinc and all the essential vitamins and minerals to keep their aging immune system operating at its utmost doggo potential.

#2 Carpeted Pet Stairs


Here’s a review:

We first bought these steps several years ago to allow aging dogs access to the bed or sofa. We’ve got several of the steps at different places in the house. While we usually leave them in place, it’s great that they can be easily folded and stored under many beds or in a closet. The low-pile carpet on the steps gives the dogs traction and helps prevent slipping. While the step platforms can be folded to create more of a ramp instead of steps, the incline is pretty steep. We found the steps worked best for our dogs. After our older dogs passed, we kept the steps for our new pups. Since jumping from high beds can put a lot of stress on dog’s joints, which can later lead to the issues our older dogs experienced, we wanted to encourage the younger ones to use the steps to avoid later problems. They must like it since they usually use the steps even though they can jump up and down. We’ve had these steps for years now and they’ve held up very well overall. Highly recommend especially for smaller or aging pets as well as those that have had surgery.”

#3 Chewable Vitamin Supplements


These chewable vitamin supplements are great for older doggos and are especially great for arthritis symptoms. Here’s a helpful review:


We rescued an older dog — 11 at the time, he’s about 15 now (shepherd mix). And he’s starting to have trouble getting up and walking the usual around-the-block distance at a normal pace. We already give him glucosamine supplements (human pill) since we rescued him, and it helped a lot, but over the years arthritis started to develop. I did a bunch of research on what’s out there and decided to try Cosequin DS. And it’s amazing! My vet approved the regimen and agreed this was a good supplement before any real pain-relief meds. And it’s been great! He loves taking them since it’s flavored, and it’s been a month and he gets up like normal, walks up and down stairs, and keeps up with his normal walking routines at the dog park! It’s not a miracle supplement that’s curing anything, but it’s definitely relieved his pain and prolonging the time before we may have to turn to meds.

#4 Motion sensor lights


Older dogs can have trouble finding their way around the darker corners of your home. These lights can help light their way as they wander your abode of an evening.

Amazing! These are affordable, easy to use, reliable, and EASILY RECHARGEABLE — my favorite feature. These easily detach from the wall, plug in the USB, and there is no expense of batteries or rechargeable batteries. Last a good long time on the charge. The light is really bright. You can attach them with the sticky that’s sent with it or hang it on a hook by the tab. I bought several more packets of these for all over my dark areas. With these, the light automatically illuminates the floor for a short period and I feel much safer. Love these.

#5 Organic pet spray


If your doggo’s eyesight is on the way out, spraying this around your house will help your dog find his way around.

This no stress spray helped my blind senior get around the house. You spray their bed, mats, anything you want them to be able to find. It helps guide them to these things because they like the pheromone in the spray.

#6 Hawaiian salt lamp


Salt lamps can help with respiratory problems and can also help your dog help find his way around.

During the last year of my Jack Russell’s 18-year-old life, my mom ended up buying two Himalayan salt lamps to help ease his wheezing. Not only did they do that, but the faint orange glow was nice to have at night when he became scared of the dark.

#7 Premade food


This premade food can really help with digestive issues and upset tummies:

My dog is SUCH a picky eater in her old age and it got to a point where she refused to eat any of her dog food and would barely munch on a few table scraps. We tried all the different appetite stimulators out there, and then we found this one! It’s absolute MAGIC! We don’t know what it is, but ever since we started mixing a tablespoon of this in with every bowl of food every night she attacks it right away. We never have to force her to try to eat — she voluntarily swallows it!

#8 Extra big comfy bed


These big beds can help your dog relax when he’s all tuckered out:

It might seem obvious, but a comfortable bed and blanket go a long way. My senior dog, Lucky (she turns 16 in April), often ends up asleep stretched out so I make sure her bed is big enough for her entire body length. I also make sure she has plenty of softer places to sleep around the house

#9 Try the barkbox!


Barkbox delivers a package of treats and toys every month to your doggo. You can customize the box to include things that cater to your dog’s preferences:

My ol’ man, Puchi (going on 12, though he still looks like a youngin’) loooves his customized Barkbox. No kidding or plugs here, just an honest he-really-does-love-the-new-toys-and-treats-every-month testimonial. He gets sent soft treats and toys that aren’t hard on his teeth or tum. He is also very stubborn about using his steps to get off the bed (getting on with them is no prob) so I have my daughter’s toddler bed set up at the end of our bed for him to jump onto before the floor. Less distance to floor = less chance of an injury!

#10 Ramp to get on the bed


This ramp can help your dog get up onto the bed when he doesn’t have the strength to get up on the bed anymore.

This ramp made all the difference. I had an older version and had to add a carpet with more traction to it. Pushed the ramp against the wall and then the bed against the ramp. My senior was also blind so it prevented her from falling off the ramp trying to get into bed.

#11 Collapsible wagon


This wagon can be used to transport your doggo on even the roughest of terrains.

Love this wagon. We have a rescued pitbull and he has been through many hurtful events. He struggles to walk a long distance with the rest of our pack. He loves his wagon and thinks while in his wagon he gets excited to be able to keep up with his brothers.

#12 Greenies Pill Pocket


These will ensure your doggo takes his medicine without any major complaints. They have a slot that allows you to stick your doggo’s pills inside a chicken flavored treat.

We use Pill Pockets for our two older dogs. We don’t like forcing the pill down their throats, and this way it feels like they’re getting a treat!

#13 Thundershirt!


This vest is designed to apply a gentle and constant pressure that’ll help keep your doggo calm and collected during stressful times.

I have two senior dogs, a 12-year-old pug and 8-year-old beagle/dachshund mix. I found that my pug loves warm blankets in his bed to help cushion his joints. My beagle/dachshund mix loves his Thundershirt for when he feels anxious or separation anxiety when I go to work.

#14 Phycox Soft Chews


This is a specially made meal that helps soothe an upset tummy. It’s great for when your dog is not in the best of health.

My dog is SUCH a picky eater in her old age and it got to a point where she refused to eat any of her dog food and would barely munch on a few table scraps. We tried all the different appetite stimulators out there, and then we found this one! It’s absolute MAGIC! We don’t know what it is, but ever since we started mixing a tablespoon of this in with every bowl of food every night she attacks it right away. We never have to force her to try to eat — she voluntarily swallows it!

#15 Walking Wheels Wheelchair


When your doggo is hard up for mobility these wheels will keep them mobile.

My dogs’ back legs were completely paralyzed for a while, and the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair was a total lifesaver!!!! The wheelchair is totally adjustable and has straps to keep their little feet from dragging on the ground. It was great for when he went outside, it kept him from peeing on himself and I honestly think it helped him regain his leg function. He can walk on his own again now — it seemed like having his back end supported helped his spine stay straightened out and helped it heal. I don’t know for sure, but after using it for a few months his legs started to get a bit twitchy and getting the muscle back, so I was thrilled with that, lol. It was a bit spendy but worth it!

#16 Raised food and water bowls


Elevated food and water bowls can help a dog with aching bones who can’t get low to the ground anymore.

My dog has some spine problems, so I got him a raised food and water bowl setup. It’s really nice because he doesn’t have to bend over to reach anymore. He looks way more comfortable using it instead.

#17 Wagon with comfy blankets


This can make trips around town comfortably and stylish.

The pug-mobile for my senior pug, Jake! It has all his favorite blankets and a pillow.

#18 Doggy stroller


This is also an option of your doggo is no longer as mobile as he used to be.

My dog’s hip got so bad that we had to stop taking her on walks. She got really depressed, so we invested in a dog stroller. She loves it! I highly recommend one for smaller elderly dogs.

So as your dog enters his advancing years, keep these products in mind. There’s a lot to be said about aging with style and comfort, no-one wants to be old and infirm, and that goes for doggos too! So be kind to your elders and check these products out.