Corgi Learns How To ‘Trust Fall’ & It Has Broken The Internet

The internet has made getting famous easy.

Thanks to social media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram & Youtube the happenings of the world are at your fingertips and with minimal gatekeepers, meaning that anyone can be the star of their own show. More to the point; dogs can be too. What could compete with wet snoots, floofy paws and the general goofy, adorable personalities of doggos all around the globe?

One of the many internet famous pooches is Arya The Corgi, a four-year-old Pembroke Welsh (stumpy and adorable) Corgi from Los Angeles. She currently peaks at 28.7k Instagram followers, which (IMO) should be at LEAST doubled when she’s posting the likes of this:


How cute!



Even if you didn’t know about Arya before,

Then you probably have since this amazingly wholesome video of her went viral last week. Inspired by another hooman/pupper combo, Arya’s pet human helped her learn a new trick: How to do a trust fall – and the outcome will have you feeling fuzzy for the rest of the week. Or the rest of your life.

So far Arya’s adorable video has rung up a total of 316k views and an immense amount of love from the internet.

C’mon, tell us honestly how many times you watched this on repeat!