10+ Dog Pictures That Will Make You Rush To Adopt One Right Away!

I admit I have many weaknesses. As hard as I try to fight them, one has too much power over me. It’s my love for dogs. Dog lovers will relate with this. No matter how many times I’m told not to touch a stray or call out to a stranger dog, I just can’t help it. I just love to pet dogs, no matter what their sex, religion or country is. The bottom line: Every dog deserves our love, and we should do our best to give them that.

You have my word when I say that these mouth-watering dog pictures below will make you go weak at your knees. It won’t be a surprise if you head to your nearest animal shelter to adopt a doggo right now! What are you waiting for? Scroll away!

#1. This smooth pizza thief

#2. A spoiled but cute grandma’s boy

#3. Heccin organized doggo

#4. He loves homework

#5. Not really enjoying the view but who cares

#6. He is small, but he dreams big

#7. They told her to poop outside; she took it up a notch

#8. This adopted dog is filled with gratitude

#9. There will be revenge!

#10. The face of a criminal

#11. Why you should avoid raising dogs with cats (just kidding!)

#12. Zoey is possessive about her pillow

#13. Now he’s fat as well as disappointed

#14. He is preparing for the doomsday

#15. When you have to improvise to stay in style

#16. This is a special situation

#17. Combining the best of two worlds

#18. No regrets

#19. “Should I shave?”

#20. He just wanted to chill

Do you have pictures of your own doggos pulling off epic stunts or even just acting plain stupid? On behalf of every dog lover here, show us! That is how we grow our love for these faithful, loving creatures.

And if you don’t have a canine family member yet, what are you doing still reading this? Go out there and adopt one!

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