20 Determined Doggos With Innovative Bedtime Solutions

Getting a good night’s rest can be a tricky business, but not if you’re these clever pets who’ve turned anything, anywhere and any position into a makeshift bed. No need for sleeping pills or special prescription pillows for these doggos, these are the kind of troopers who could catch a few Z’s in a hurricane and could sleep through a world war.

So instead of complaining about your mattress, take a leaf out of these books, and find peaceful slumber where-ever you want it.

#1 I think he’s dreaming about being a pretzel

#2 “If I fits, I sits.”

#3 There’s a lot more room on the bench, guys. No need to bunch up!

#4 The spread eagle


#5 Sometimes it can take a minute, but once you find that spot…

#6 Most people get in trouble for sleeping on the job!

#7 Out. Cold.

#8 Probably has a career as a contortionist in his future


#9 You do realise there’s a bed there, right?


#10 Fantastic invention, the double bed basket!

#11 He’s going to be thrilled when he wakes up for dinner

#12 Bigger doggos can sometimes serve as beds

#13 Nothing like falling asleep with a good book

#14 That can’t be good for his back…

#15 I feel like I walked in on something…


#16 All the baby animals

#17 Obviously what side tables were invented for.

#18 …and why else would they have a gap in the arm-rest of your car door?

#19 It’s been a long day…

#20 Put your legs in the air if you a true player!


Feeling sleepy yet? These pictures have sure given me a few ideas. Maybe I’ll start sleeping in a hammock, or trade my bed in for a couch and side table? Hopefully, I’ll get as good a sleep as these guys did.