10+ Doggos Who Will Sleep Wherever They Fucking Want To

Everyone knows that every doggo has one superpower, the ability to sleep wherever he fucking pleases. Be it upside down, inside out, on a bed of hot coals or through a 9.1 magnitude earthquake. It’s something we as doggo owners have become very familiar with. It must date back to ancient times when we’re out hunting antelope side-by-side, you’d have to catch a few Z’s any way you could.

People might have graduated to better sleeping situations, but these doggos will still sleep wherever they want.

#1 What’d he expect when he brought his pupper to class?

#2 Take my word for it, there’s a doggo in there


#3 Playtime is over when I say it’s over!

#4 I think he just had his Christmas Turkey…

#5 Only his snoot needed to be warm

#6 His position is the least awkward element to this picture

#7 I bet he’s dreaming about eating footrests

#8 Together forever

#9 Dude, what did you eat?

#10 Day 18: I have given up trying to scale the rest of the ravine…

#11 His owner really should have noticed him while he was hovering.

#12 Great excuse for the kids not to empty the dishwasher

#13 He caught that sunbeam alright…

#14 Almost, just a bit… backward.

#15 At least he’s on good terms with the sheep.

#16 I’m too lazy to climb the stairs too…

#17 He’s either fallen asleep or is hotwiring this car!

#18 That can’t be good for his teeth.

#19 I hope this article has proven that doggos will sleep wherever…

   #20 …and however they fucking want!

#21 For as long as they fucking want!


I envy doggos and their ability to sleep wherever they want. As a human, I have to subsist with a mattress, a mattress that will inevitably have to be replaced.