10+ Fake Wikipedia Pages About Dog Breeds That Are Definitely Better Than The Original

Who needs a bulldog when you have a Pibble?

Nobody! That is why we love these fake Wikipedia pages so much. Because they might be fake, but they clearly know what we love about the following dog breeds. These names make me wish that there were actual dog breeds with these names. Alas, we are stuck with ‘german shepherd’ and whatnot for now.

And there is one person to thank for all of this awesomeness, and that is Julius. The following is what she has to say about these pages.

I’ve been creating them for roughly half a year but haven’t posted most of the ones I’ve made as I’ve been building them to release as a collection. I made up almost all of the language used, I didn’t create the term ‘pupper’ or ‘doggo’ but beyond that I’ve mostly made it up as I go and try to stay consistent with what I’ve called things so far.


So scroll on below and take a look at what these ‘fake’ Wikipedia pages have to say.

Source: Floof Bork Snoot ‘N’ Boop Ltd

#1 Pibble.

#2 Mop.

#3 Dot Boi.

#4 Shork.

#5 Boof.

#6 Long Boy.

#7 Golden Boy.

#8 Horse Boi.

#9 Sosig Boi.

#10 Corgo.

#11 Samoyed (Shoob).

#12 Shibe.

#13 Lab Boi.

#14 The Terrierorist.

#15 Siberian Girl.

#16 Aussieee Boi.

#17 German Boiii.

#18 Crocodole.

#19 Pom.

#20 Puggo.

#21 Nijna.

Do you think these names should be more popular now? As they sure seem way better than the same old boring names. What are your thoughts on all the hard work this woman put into this project? Do you think it was worth it? Comment down below and don’t forget to share with your friends!